Can you keep your hair transplant a secret … really?

One medical center has introduced the advance hair restoration process, an “undetectable” U-FUE (Unshaven Follicular Unit Extraction) that does not require a patient to shave his head, and leaves no telltale scar.

“It is an amazing advance, and one that many patients are eager to embrace,” says Dr. Donath, of the Men’s Hair Growth Center.

Approximately 25% of men have some degree of hair loss by the time they’re 30. Move ahead 20 years, and fully 50% of men are experiencing hair loss by the time the reach the age of 50.

More and more of these men are looking for ways to replenish their hair, but are reluctant to have their private interest in hair restoration a matter of public awareness.

About one man in every ten wants to keep his hair restoration procedures secret even from family and friends.

Seems impossible, right? Traditional hair restoration (Follicular Unit Transplantation, or FUT) involves shaving a donor site on the patient’s scalp, removing a strip of scalp and carefully cutting the strip into follicularhab-page units that are then transplanted to the recipient site. Sutures secure the donor site, and the patient is left with a linear scar that is noticeable even after healing.

Less invasive and more natural-looking, FUE hair restoration also requires the donor site to be shaved before individual groups of hair follicles are removed from the scalp and separated before placement at the donor site.

Covering up the donor site with a hat or bandana, when the patient never embraced these “fashion statements” before, can draw as much attention as the obvious donor site itself, so men still had to worry that their “secret” would get out.

But now, there’s U-FUE, which harvests the donor hair follicles without the need for shaving down to the scalp.

Just one problem: not many hair restoration surgeons are proficient with this advanced procedure. Dr. Donath is, and that’s why his Ohio clinics are busy not only with local patients, but with patients who come to the United States from around the world to seek his expertise … and to keep their hair restoration procedures secret!

“The beauty of this procedure is that it allows me to place hairs of average length where they will appear to have grown naturally,” says Dr. Donath. “There is less pain, no telltale donor site, no scarring, and no way for anyone to guess that a hair restoration procedure has even been performed.” Even better, men leave Dr. Donath’s office without having to explain a sudden affinity for hats, bandanas, hoodies, or other cover-ups!

The newly transplanted follicles will gradually strengthen and grow over the course of about a year, without casual acquaintances or even close friends realizing anything has changed.

“After the procedure has ‘taken’ and my patients are comfortable with their results, it’s not unusual for them to share their secret with a significant other,” observes Dr. Donath, “but there are several high-profile patients who have kept awareness of their choice from virtually everyone else.

“For discreet yet satisfying results, the U-FUE procedure is an exceptional advance in hair restoration.”


  • Genetically based hair loss affects more than 50 million men in the United States.
  • A man has a 50% chance of experiencing some degree of baldness by his 50th birthday.
  • Standard FUE hair restoration costs about $3 per transplanted follicle.
  • Advanced U-FUE is a more time-consuming procedure and costs about twice that, but without any sign of the procedure and considerably less discomfort.